The UniYatra Group promotes educational, cultural, and community-building outcomes,
working with individuals and organizations to provide
cultural and human-centered learning, products, and services.

Technology Consulting and Services
The UniYatra Group provides technology consulting services for non-profit organizations, higher-ed institutions, and small businesses, emphasizing appropriate, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for building a virtual office, tools for managing members and donors, and other strategies for implementing organizational technological best practices. We also recommend and sell integrated technology solutions, including computer and networking hardware, office furniture, and related products.

Thai Language and Culture Instruction
The UniYatra Group offers individual and group Thai language instruction (basic through advanced; speaking, listening, reading and/or writing) as well Thai cultural orientation/relocation training. We tutor in person in Northfield or online via Google Meet at very reasonable prices and with flexible schedules. Tutorials are suitable for the serious student or for someone who wants a crash course in survival Thai before visiting this beautiful country.

We consult and partner with organizations abroad on small-scale import and export projects to select appropriate computer and and networking hardware, office furniture, manufacturing equipment, and related products.

Where In The World Is Integrity?: The Challenge Of Doing What Is Right
Where In The World Is Integrity? The Challenge Of Doing What Is Right shares inspiring stories of integrity as seen and told by ordinary people. The authors encourage people not only to observe the many acts of integrity around them but also to discuss what they have observed with friends, family, and colleagues. In addition, this book helps readers discover the hidden dynamics that sustain integrity and provides suggestions for encouraging integrity in our lives.

In the Shadow of the Rising Sun
Judy Hyland set out for China in 1940 to work as a missionary teacher. Because of the worsening war situation, she was directed to the Philippine Islands. When the Japanese invaded the Philippines in December 1941, she was interned, and lived in various prison camps until liberated by the American military on February 4, 1945. In the Shadow of the Rising Sun documents, in part, this experience.